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I’m Jorge C. Lucero, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Brasília, in Brazil. 

Origami has captivated me since my engineering doctoral days, in Japan, when I first glimpsed its world of geometric marvels and creative folds. I was hooked! I dove headfirst into paper folding, earning my instructor certificate from the Origami Association of Japan.

I have explored the wonders of origami by designing models, participating in main international origami conventions and conferences, and publishing academic papers on mathematical and computational origami in academic journals and meetings (see below). As an instructor, I have taught short courses on origami mathematics at universities across Brazil.

What draws me most is how origami fuses art, math, and design into a powerful yet sustainable technology. On this blog, I eagerly share my passion for origami in all its forms. I delve on crease patterns and review the latest mindblowing applications of folding technology. 

A humble sheet of paper (or other material) contains entire universes waiting to be revealed, if we only make that first fold. Join me on this creative journey as we push origami to new horizons, one fold at a time!

See my origami gallery on Flickr.

Relevant Publications on Origami 

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J. C. Lucero. “Existence of a solution for Beloch’s fold”, Mathematics Magazine, 92, 24-31 (2019)
J. C. Lucero. “Division of an angle into equal parts and construction of regular polygons by multi-fold origami”, Forum Geometricorum 19, 45-52 (2019).
J. C. Lucero. “Construction of a regular hendecagon by two-fold origami”, Crux Mathematicorum 44, 207-213 (2018).
J. C. Lucero. “Geometric solution of a quintic equation by two-fold origami”, International Journal of Geometry 7, 61-68 (2018).
J. C. Lucero. “On the elementary single-fold operations of origami: reflections and incidence constraints on the plane”, Forum Geometricorum 17, 207–221 (2017)
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