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Boxabl's Casita. Source: Boxabl.

Boxabl Homes: Origami-Style Prefabs Provide Affordable Quality Housing

With housing prices escalating nationwide, home ownership has become increasingly out of reach for many buyers. The growing gap between supply and demand calls for innovative new housing models that can expand access to affordable options. Alternative building technologies like prefabrication present a promising solution. Forward-thinking companies such as Boxabl are pioneering revolutionary new models of homebuilding that could greatly increase housing inventory while lowering costs through manufacturing optimizations.

Founded in 2017, Boxabl homes aims to transform residential construction by applying principles adapted from efficient factory assembly line production. Their goal is to make quality homes radically more affordable by leveraging manufacturing innovations to slash construction costs.

Boxabl’s breakthrough product is the Casita – a thoughtfully designed compact unit with walls that fold up vertically using origami-inspired engineering. This allows the entire Boxabl home to collapse accordion-style into a box under 8.5 feet wide, enabling economical road transport. After delivery, a team can easily unfold and install the Casita on site in approximately 1-2 days. Owners can then move into a fully equipped Boxabl home including kitchen, bathroom and amenities.

By reimagining housing as a product suitable for mass production, Boxabl unlocks expansive new possibilities. Their nimble Casita and upcoming expanded model range demonstrate the potential for technology to reduce financial barriers to homeownership. Boxabl’s cleverly engineered folding homes are unfolding an innovative new chapter in residential construction.

What is a Boxabl Home?

A Boxabl home is a unique form of modular, prefabricated housing that can fold itself vertically into a compact box for streamlined shipping and transport. Boxabl has reinvented the concept of a manufactured home by engineering structures that collapse to a fraction of their actual size.

The signature feature of Boxabl’s homes is their proprietary folding design. Boxabl fabricates homes in sections from strong yet lightweight materials like steel, composites and EPS foam. Wall, floor and roof panels embed origami-style folds allowing them to accordion neatly into a rectangular cube under 9 feet wide. This condensed size allows fitting the Boxabl units inside a standardized shipping container for transportation.

Once on site, the Boxabl home can be unfolded and installed in approximately 1-2 days. Owners can then move into the unfurnished Boxabl residence and fit it out to their preferences.

Current Boxabl model is the 19 foot wide Casita, a studio-style home with 361 square feet of living space. Current standard features provided within the Casita include:

Full-Size Kitchen

  • Large refrigerator
  • Double Sink
  • Oven/Stove
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen Cabinetry


  • Deep shower
  • Vessel sink
  • Large counter
  • Backlit Mirror
  • Sliding Door
  • Toilet


  • 19ft x 19ft
  • 361 sq ft
  • 9.5’ Ceilings
  • 8′ Doors & Windows
  • Wide Plank Composite Flooring
  • Washer/Dryer
  • HVAC System
  • 125amp Electrical Panel

Ultra-Low Utility Bills

  • Efficient insulation and LED lighting
Boxabl homes: sleeping area
The Casita’s sleeping area faces built-ins and a TV that can swivel in any direction. Source: Boxabl.

One of the most attractive benefits of Boxabl homes is their relatively affordable price point. The baseline price for just the Casita unit itself starts around $60,000. This does not include expenses like land, site preparation, foundation, utilities, permits, and furnishings which are the owner’s responsibility. The company estimates their streamlined manufacturing methods slash end construction costs substantially compared to conventional building. Their homes aim to help make quality housing more financially accessible across diverse income levels.

Boxabl is among the first companies finding ways to make prefabricated, folding modular homes a desirable and viable option for mainstream buyers. Their cleverly engineered boxes are unfolding new possibilities for affordable, sustainable housing that also delivers on livability and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Boxabl Homes

Boxabl’s unique prefabricated, folding homes provide many advantages versus traditional stick built construction:

Cost Savings
By utilizing assembly line techniques to manufacture homes under controlled factory conditions, Boxabl maximizes productivity and reduces labor requirements. Their bulk purchasing power on materials also enables lower supply costs.

Rapid Deployment
Since Boxabl homes finish fully fitted out at the factory, they can be deployed rapidly upon delivery with no lengthy on-site construction.

Enhanced Quality Control
Producing homes inside climate-controlled factories results in more consistent construction with less defects. Boxabl also subjects each unit to thorough quality control inspections prior to shipment, ensuring reliable results. This level of quality is hard to guarantee with fragmented site-building relying on weather-vulnerable manual labor.

Boxabl’s folding modular technique maximizes material usage while minimizing excess waste. Their homes also embed efficient insulation and meticulous air sealing that together reduce energy demands.

Customization Ability
Although delivered as a complete unit, Boxabl empowers homeowners to tailor interiors and exteriors to their personal needs. Homes can integrate seamlessly with different facades, trims, colors and roof styles.

By repurposing origami art as architecture, Boxabl has reinvented manufactured housing. Their prefabricated folding homes balance quality, sustainability and affordability in a totally new package.

Use Cases for Boxabl Homes

Boxabl’s compact, adaptable designs and modular construction cater to many residential and commercial applications:

Backyard Studios and ADUs
With fast permitting and installation, Boxabl’s units excel as backyard studios or accessory dwelling units to add livable space to properties. Their small footprint Casita model works ideally for upscale ADUs.

Primary Homes and Starter Homes
While condensed in size, Boxabl’s Casita delivers all the essential amenities required for a practical primary residence or starter home. Their upcoming larger units will additionally serve singles, couples and small families.

Affordable and Multi-Family
Housing Boxabl’s efficient modular architecture enables developers to swiftly deploy high-quality affordable housing communities. Stacked units can quickly create apartments, condos, dorms and other multi-family buildings where demand outpaces supply.

Emergency and Temporary Shelters
Boxabl’s folding casitas provide ready temporary shelter or surge housing during disasters or crisis situations. Their portability also suits temporary lodging needs from construction workforce housing to events.

Off-Grid and Remote Locations
With solar compatibility and low utility needs, Boxabl dwellings accommodate off-grid properties lacking infrastructure access. They can provide modern workforce lodging at remote job sites, farms, resorts or other locations requiring quality housing.

With models adaptable for everything from permanent family homes to temporary studios, Boxabl offers innovative, scalable housing solutions for diverse needs. Their clever folding homes unfold endless possibilities for owners, developers and communities.

Boxabl homes: small hospita box.
Small hospital box. Source: Boxabl.

The Future of Boxabl

While Boxabl’s production is still early stage, the company has ambitious plans to expand their product line and grow manufacturing capacity in order to revolutionize housing:

Multi-Family and Commercial Structures
By interconnecting units, Boxabl intends to apply their efficient construction technology to multi-family apartment complexes, hotels, offices and other commercial spaces. Their modular approach facilitates custom commercial buildings.

Ramping Up Manufacturing
Boxabl plans major manufacturing scaling in the coming years by applying increased automation and optimized assembly line principles. This expanded production capacity will help meet their sizable waitlist and foster mainstream adoption.

Cost and Efficiency Improvements
As their factory output scales, Boxabl expects substantial cost and construction time savings through manufacturing optimizations, supply chain integration, bulk material purchases and more.

Industry Transformation
If achieved, Boxabl’s highly scalable off-site factory construction model could significantly disrupt the traditional housing sector. Their innovations may compel builders towards greater factory and modular construction.

While still proving out their bold vision, Boxabl already demonstrates strong potential in addressing the housing supply crisis through manufacturing innovations. Their creative folding homes could open far-reaching possibilities throughout residential development.


Boxabl applies efficient, scalable production line manufacturing principles to construct high-quality affordable homes. Their folding modular designs and streamlined factory construction process could transform the housing status quo.

The company’s innovative boxes reduce building costs substantially compared to conventional construction while accelerating project timelines from months to days. Expanded floorplans beyond the compact Casita are also in development to serve broader demographics.

By embracing manufacturing best practices perfected in sectors like automotive, Boxabl unlocks a new paradigm for residential development. Their bold vision leverages technology to shape the future of housing through disruptive innovations.

Boxabl’s cleverly engineered, origami-inspired homes are unfolding previously unrealized possibilities in affordable, rapidly scalable housing. For those seeking accessible living solutions, Boxabl presents an exciting option on the leading edge of construction industry innovation.